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Hi Stephanie – just wanted to show you my pool boys. Sorry you cannot see their adorable faces. Our neighbors have a pool. We built a bridge over the fences so we can go back and forth. They have a golden named Bear. The dogs go back and forth all of the time. It is so funny. Lovie in the red collar is a real water weenie. He runs over the bridge and takes a dip every day sometimes multiple times a day. Walter is just realizing that the water will cool him off in this heat. They don’t mind because cockers don’t shed! We noticed that you named one of your crew Lovie. It is a great name and it sure fits our Lovie. Mike and I hope you are doing well. I will take a better pool picture for you so you can see their faces.
Love Mike and Nancy

Stephanie – Molly got married. Of course we had to take a picture of Molly with Walter and Lovie. I sent a few more for you to see. Was a beautiful day.

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