A beautiful day here at CC's in Illinois this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. I took advantage of the nice day and took my three little dumpling outside for pictures. We weren't out for long but we did manage our first Christmas Holiday pictures.

Pups are all doing just great. Daisy will be wearing a red collar from now on since all three are pretty much identical. They all weigh exactly 3lbs and are as of today getting their crunchy food only. I'm not the most popular person with them at this time, but they will soon figure out that's the way it's going to be.

We had nails and haircuts today along with a full bath and conditioning. Oh the joys of black pups in the winter. A little flake here and there so I will be using my Sullivans brand shampoo and Sheen on them. These pups are just beautiful with lots of coat and the heads on these 3 simply tremendous.

Enjoy this weeks pictures

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