Pictures are a couple days early this week there will be a change in schedule and upcoming pictures please refer to my Available puppies link for details on dates ect..
As you can see these pups are growing nicely. They are starting to eat a little solid food which will help Merry along. 8 pups is a big litter!
As mentioned time and again, the buff males will be selected on 2-17 and I have the #4 and #5 buff male pup available. I work down my list and place pups first come first serve.
So 2 buff males available at this time
Benson Spoken ForBenson Spoken ForBenson Spoken ForHoney Female Spoken forHoney Female Spoken forRadley Buff MaleRadley Buff MaleRadley Buff MaleOlive Spoken ForOlive Spoken ForOlive Spoken ForRebel Spoken ForRebel Spoken ForRyder Buff maleSugar Female Spoken forSugar Female Spoken forViolet Spoke for

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