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We stayed at the Marriott Frenchmans Reef in St. Thomas and would give it a 5 Star review. Our room overlooked the pool and ocean and every morning my treat while drinking my coffee outside on our balcony in the warm balmy air was to watch the cruise ships come to port for the day! How much fun is that. You don't get to see this in Altona that's for sure. I also enjoyed watching them depart while getting ready to go out for dinner.

We were on the 8th floor almost end unit and couldn't have asked for a better room or view.

The weather was perfect and the beauty just magnificent! I think I may have found my newest favorite spot. We were here 30 years ago on a cruise and went to Meagans bay. We didn't make that trip this year but had a fabulous time on the "Cat" where kreg snorkeled with the sea turtles and I enjoyed the 3 hour excursion on a beautful boat in a beautiful place.

We took the Ferry into town for a morning and enjoyed the shops. We didn't come to buy diamonds and gold but I guess this is the place to come if your in the market. We purchased t-shirts and cigars!

We dined outside for 3 meals a day, enjoyed the local critters as you can see. I have decided I am a pro at photographing them now. "Iguanas" that is.

The beaches were gorgeous and not crowded the water warm enough for me to get in and the food delicious too!

We stayed for 7 nights but were thinking 10 would have been better. However we did miss the kids, grandkids and I the crew so alas we did have to return to our real life here in Illinois.

30 years and yes, we can still have fun just the two of us ;)

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