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Summer is flying by and I am enjoying the grandkids and puppies. My days are full, when the kids are here I don't get much accomplished other than being a grandma. In between days I am tending to the crew. We have had a hot summer here and I have to admit I'm ready for a cool down. My work load seems to have doubled trying to keep everyone cool and exercised. wheww...
Summer loves the kids of course and our oldest Eli is quite the puppy whisperer. These are fresh photos and the litter is my Pipi Baxter litter soon to be 5 weeks on monday.
Tomorrow if Friday funday with Vale and Rowan. OH MY Vale is walking not real great but she is doing it and is in to EVERYTHING. Oh my I will need to wear my tennis shoes.
Life is good at CCs
my Friday helper RownEvalie and Summe shucking some cornMy Fleming Grandkids for the daywear them down EvalieEli the puppy whisperer

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