Classy Country Cockers | pups at play videos 4-24-15
Created 24-Apr-15
10 videos

Yes, videos have been added to the CC puppy experience. I'm not real great at them yet but am learning a few things with each video. I do know that it take a long time for them to load onto my site. I have to use my phone to shoot the video and upload them direct to my website via an app for my phone. OMGoodness so much technology all to see live action shots.

I guess I will try to take some when I can, but please don't put pressure on me to do more than I already am. I enjoy what I do and love to show off the pups but I am only human after all.

I hope you enjoy the videos, they show off the pups, environment and overall what's involved in rearing a litter of pups. Well, not everything. No one wants to watch me clean up endless amounts of puppy poo!