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Mimi gets her NuVet Vitamin every morning

Mimi has joined her forever home. She has a new person in her life that is able to be home with her all day where they will be best of friends. Mimi will be enjoying a fenced in yard for her to play and hang out with her new family. When retiring my girls I am very selective in their homes and when I met John I just knew he was the perfect fit for my Mimi girl.

MiMi has a pedigree with lot's of razzle dazzle as do all my crew. She is going to be a great fit here in the country and she and PP are besties already.

I can't wait to share this girl as she matures into the beauty I know is to come.

Christmas Season 2016: I can't help but show off our MiMi! She is just stunning and so sweet. Kreg and I say that she and Ruger are twins. When they are playing out in the yard they look so much alike. She has a full and lush nice strait coat and great expression.
Mimi with bestie PP for her first CC photo shootI think it's safe to say MiMi is loving her country homeThe camera loves Miss MiMirun MiMi run11-14My little HelperNovember 23rd

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