Classy Country Cockers | We are thinking Spring and Summer 2018
Created 11-Mar-18
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I know spring is arriving with March and our birthday celebrations of Adam our second son and Kregs birthdays. We had a fun night of family and cake this weekend 3-10. Sunday morning little Bellamy received Holy Baptism at our Church. "Jesus loves the little children"
Our Pastor Tim has Baptized all 6 grandchildren, married 2 of our children soon to be 3 with Aubrey and of course Baptized our 4 children as infants too. Oh and better throw in there 2 years of confirmation for our 4 kids. Oh my that's a lot of Main kids.
BellamyKregs the Margarita guy!Thats a lot of candlesAmber and Tim stood up with Adam and AmandaPastor Tim of the Immanuel Lutheran Church

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