Classy Country Cockers | November 14, 2012 :)
Created 14-Nov-12
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November 14, 2012 was a beautiful day in the Country! I had spent the last two days in the kennel grooming up the Crew. The holidays are coming after all.

My poor husband never knows what he is in for when he comes home for lunch. Today his role was photographer!

I had in mind a wonderful photo of myself and my beautiful crew sitting in my big red chair. You know the one where they are all sitting nicely around me just looking pretty!

Well, that all sounds great, but here is what we got!

The Crew minus Beaux and Marley, this is just the kennel crew. I think they have it pretty good.

The yard is still so nice and green due to the late fall rains and when the sun shines it makes for a pleasant day.

Enjoy our Thanksgiving Photo shoot everyone

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