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Just to let you know we are alive & well.

It's been a year ago Sept 1st that Don went into the hospital. After 10 months in the hospital he is home & working hard every day to get back to normal.

We still have a ways to go yet but we are getting there. More in the next couple of weeks. Just wanted to say

"hi" & let you know we haven't forgotten

where our boys came from. I've missed

a bunch of new CCs cockers in that

time. Hope to catch up soon.


Lynn & Don

I wanted to share a picture with you of Don & the pups. I don't if you knew that he has
been gravely ill. He came down with West Nile Virus & went into the hospital on the
3rd of September. They transferred him to a specialty hospital on the 20th of September.
He has been there every since. He could not breath on his own but is slowly getting back
to breathing with an apparatus called a trach collar. They are hoping that in the next two
weeks they can take the trach tube out & that part of his recovery will be done. He has a
long way to go from there. He has to learn how to think, walk, use his hands etc.This from
a darned mosquito. Only 1% of the people that get West Nile end up like Don. There were
3 of them in the same hospital, the same age that came in the same weekend!! Anyway he
finally got to see the boys today. He hasn't seen them for 2 months. He was so happy. They
were absolutely so well behaved. Everyone kept coming in his room & telling him what
beautiful boys they were. One of the respitory therapists told us that her cockers never looked
that good. The head of staff came in & took their pic.. She is going to put something in
their national newsletter about Don & the boys. We also visited a couple of other dog
lovers while we were there & I must say you would have been very proud of them. A number
of people asked where we got them. I told them Classy Country Cockers in Illinois.
Everyone says to tell you what a good job you do but we already know that!!
I haven't had a lot of time to get online & see the litters.I sure do miss that. Soon I hope.
Tell all of your family hello and enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. I want to get the
boys out & get some fall photos for you to update their photo page. Maybe in the next couple
of days.
Lynn, Don, Jagger & Jaxon

Stephanie ,
I finally got the Birney Boys out for some new pictures. We had such a great day & then 24 hrs later it was snowing like crazy. Everyone who has seen the photos are just oohing & aahing over the boys. We went to see Don again today & the people up there were just in fits over how beautiful they are.
One on the therapists came over & kept petting them saying that she just couldn't get over how their coats looked just like velvet. They were so awesome again. Just curled up in bed with him & left everyone come in & say hi to them. One of the young men who works there is from Nepal & had to leave his dogs behind. He wasn't familiar with cockers. He came in & asked all about them and where we got them from. He asked all about you & your line of dogs. He said to tell you that they were just gorgeous & he wished he could come get one. One of the RTs said the drive to Illinois was definately worth it.
Don was one proud "dad". I think all the attention made his day.
Thanks for all you do & thanks to all of the CCs family for all the well wishes for the Birneys.


Thought we would share this with you. It was taken outside at Madonna Rehabilitation Center in Lincoln,NE. Don has been there since Nov. 30th. He continues to make progress & they may have him walking with some assistance before he leaves here. He is getting anxious to get home since he hasn't been there since the 1st of Sept. I'm driving back & forth everyday. The dogs come down on Saturday & they are the hit of the center. We are always asked to visit other rooms & this makes Don beam like a very proud "puppy parent"! We have been looking at the new pups. As usual so beautiful.

Say hello to your family & enjoy this wonderful weather.


Don,Lynn, & the Birney Boys

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