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Created 5-Sep-12
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Ears are an important step in grooming of the cocker spaniel. They need to be kept clean from the long hair around the ear canal. Your groomer should be doing this with a #15 blade. If the hair is left around the opening it is a breeding ground for the bacteria that will cause ear problems.

I use the R7 products, I have listed them below.

Gimborn R-7 Step 2 Ear Care Cleaner for Dogs & Cats

Gimborn R-7 Step 3 Ear Care Drying Creme for Dogs & Cats

This product is one of my favorites! One thing I can say truly works.

Ear Cleaner:

White Vinegar
Powdered Boric Acid
Isopropyl Alcohol
Betadine Antiseptic

Pour: 6 oz. of Alcohol into plastic applicator bottle, Add: ½ T. Boric Acid Powder, Add: 2 oz. Vinegar. Shake: solution well until Boric Acid is dissolved. Add 1 tsp. Betadine and shake well again. Squirt: into dogs ear canal and massage gently. Be Sure: to shake solution well before each use.

I use this solution: in the event that your dog has a red ear, use it daily until it turns the flesh color you desire. When you have reached this point, continue use at least once a week for good maintenance.

This really works well and is inexpensive to keep on hand.

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