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December 26th we enjoyed "puppy visit day" for my Pipi and Baxter litter.
Karen has made trip #2 as her first trip was to bring her mom down to see if Lola would be a good fit. I am happy to say that Lola is loving her retirement. Karen is taking home our little black female I call Merry. (Wisconsin)

Sherry and Kevin will be taking home Sparky, now Kyle and have been very good about waiting patiently. They have their names down "on my list" for CC puppy #2 for a black male. (Ohio)

Kevin and Barb have been patient as well and are able to visit and select their new family member, they have chosen "Rudy" who will now be "smootches". I've never had a Smootches that that's fun. He wil be living the good life in Michigan

Anu is beyond thrilled with the #3 little boy Rowan and I named Buddy. He will be called "Sinatra" as in Frank. That's a work in progress. I'd like to add that Anu is able to bring a puppy home this January to my long time follower Janelle who lives in Colorado... due to the timing of departure for these pups and airline travel we thought it might be best for her to take pup that is coming up and let this little guy stay local to Illinois. So thank you Janelle for your generosity. It is always appreciated when we can look at the big picture.

It's been a whirlwind of a Holiday Season here at the Mains but it is always so nice to welcome new families into the CC fold. They are always so nice and have such kind words to say about my kennel and crew that it makes the long hours all worth it.
I do have to add, that Ms. Pipi was in her element here. She is her fathers "Mr. Beaux" girl and was all about "smooooozing up the lovin' "all day long. Baxter was on his best behavior and proceeded to drag out just about all the toys as is his usual practice even when there is "work to be done."

I look forward to letting these pups out in January and we are all praying for good travel weather.

Happy New Years to everyone

12-26 evening a little thanks from Barb

Thank you so much for the wonderful puppy visit! We both are so impressed with your crew - each one of them is a beauty. And so well behaved and friendly! You should be very proud of your Classy Country Cockers!! I love Baxter - he is such a handsome boy! And we absolutely fell in love with Rudy. It was hard leaving without him. We're home safe and sound and would love to have him cuddled up here with us.

It was fun meeting the other families - hope they all got home safe. See you soon

Anu sends a little note
Hi Stephanie,

It was such a pleasure to meet you and the crew yesterday. Varun and I absolutely loved all your cocker spaniels - such healthy, beautiful and sweet tempered dogs! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and for letting us spend time with your beautiful dogs.
Counting the days until January 16th! We should have a name for our little guy by then. Can't wait for the rest of the family to meet you all!
Take care,

Departure day 1-16-2016
I let these pups out a bit early due to timing this January, they were ready to go and join their new families. We were blessed with great January travel conditions which is rare here in the midwest. I am most thankful for that.
Rowan came to help get Kyle settled in with Sherry and Kevin, they had a little gift for her since she was such a big help with Kyle when she stays with Grandma. She really does love these babies.
Buddy was plum tuckered out by the noon today but he did rally for his new family. His official name is "Zen".
"Rudy Smootches" was on point today for sure as Barb and Greg came to fetch him too. I am expecting some nice photos with all these nice cameras in the family!
Shadow bedazzled everyone with her black beauty today and Karen is just thrilled to be finally able to take her up north and cuddle her for the rest of the winter.
My families are so photogenic today and the pups are just fabulous. I am hoping for lot's of great updates for my furry friends section.

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