Classy Country Cockers | FridayFunday 4-1-16 Mercy/Baxter
Created 3-Apr-16
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Oh my as you can see my little helpers were big help today. I can't believe how far along Evalie has come since she has been coming to our FridayFunday! Evie is a little shy and such a tiny little thing. She is now getting right in the mix of things and keeping to her quiet voice.... She holds her little fingers to her mouth and says shhh quiet and looks up at me with those big blue eyes and curly hair and I just about melt!
Rowan is in puppy heaven. She loves it when she gets to hand feed the pups when I am just weaning them. She also likes to play and stir in the their food!
We sure did have a good time and Evalie finishes off her puppy visit with a big smile. I get so much joy watching their little faces and teaching them to be kind to the little ones. Rowan is such a good big cousin to Evalie, yes life is good at the Mains.

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