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Before any puppy leaves CCs I sit with my families either at their visit or departure date most of the times both.... I look you all strait in the eye and go over a list of things that I feel are very important to the well being of your puppy. We all have the same goal here, happy healthy puppy for many years of enjoyment. My website if filled with tips and valuable information that I tell you time and again to take a moment and go through all that I share.
I share this valuable information because I have been breeding for over 30 years and have found that sometimes people just don't understand that bad things happen to good people. I give you this information to give you a knowledge base so that problems from overdosing, poison and being led astray are kept to a minimum.
I have a little mantra that you will hear time and again.... "LESS IS BEST" and 'GO WITH THE FLOW"
I'm just going to go ahead and put a couple of more things in writing here to again remind people, not only my families but perhaps I can just help another puppy or dog out there.

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