Classy Country Cockers | Fun with Lola 9-24-15
Created 24-Sep-15
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Rowan came for a few hours today. Her mom had to go to the Dr. and see how big her new baby sister is getting to be. It won't be long now!
I've had a project this week and today Rowan helped me out. Lola will be joining her forever home this Saturday. I am hoping anyway. We have a nice lady coming down from WS and I just know Lola will make the perfect companion for her.
Even just looking at these pictures with Rowan you can tell she is quiet and easy going. She has never been on a leash before this week and she is doing fabulous. She stays close and never pulls. Lola is a gem, she will just make a much better companion than she does a member of my breeding crew.
Lola will be all freshened up for her big day and I hope everyone wishes her luck. I'm very selective where my crew retires to and I have such a good feeling this is perfect.
We also made fresh Chocolate chip cookies which we delivered to her daddy Adam right out the back door, took a tractor ride and played in the park with the Bo~Mars and Ruger.
What a great day to be in the country
She found Frankie tooRowan was sure Lola wanted a tea partyRowan and her new friend in the parkLola is a sweet as they comeCookies for daddy and a ride

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