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oh my what a day we had. Sugar and Summer are quite the little helpers with Rowan and Vale these days. The day was pretty cool so we spent lots of time outside and the girls loved the girls!
Vale is standing by herself now and it won't be long til she is walking. She loves the pups and Summer has taken a shining to her and Sugar who is a little older really enjoy hanging out with her too.
Rowan of course is going full speed ahead. Big pups, little pups and everything in between.
There is NEVER a dull moment here on #fridayfunday at Grandma Stephanies house.
And just an FYI Rowan came up with my 50 crown wearing all on her own. She was up playing in my room and I saved it. She loves to wear it of course. However she knows I am always going to be the Queen ;)

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