Classy Country Cockers | Wonderful Wednesday 9-2-15 R & R
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Oh my what a day today. Rowan arrived promptly at 7:30 am so her mom and dad could get down to the surgeons for consult on Adam's knee situation. We had a busy morning. First priority was to change from the current outfit into her pretty purple dress. This was done by 7:42 am!
Second order of business was to check on Ruger. We have been having some hot days here so Rowan and I were busy playing with Ruger. My duties were to give Lola a quick hair cut and put Lola and Mercy inside for the day. They are due later this month and poor Lola doesn't like the heat much. So inside the A.C for them.
The Bo~Mars do not go outside on hot days. No matter how much they think they are missing poor Mr. Beaux is spoiled with the air. Aren't we all.
The big shade tree and the park were perfect to play with Ruger and wear him down and for Rowan to enjoy the morning. It was a perfect morning with a little breeze and plenty of shade.
Rowan loves to take picturesRuger is going to be some BoY!beings CC's Little Helper keeps her busyRuger promptly went in for a Bath!

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