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Hi Stephanie,

No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, although I bet you thought that’s what happened.
Little Hope is just absolutely perfect and happy. She is awnry, rampunctious, and just a happy
little girl. What a pistol she can be...she keeps on the move.
We took our camper and boat and went to the lake for the holiday weekend. In fact, we will spend
most of the summer there. Hope thinks that’s just about the greatest place....she gets even more
attention than usual..she is the darling of the campground. lol
I will send u some pics after I have her groomed next week..she is looking a tad shabby...
I’m not very computer savy. but I will get it figured out to get you pics. She has grown so much
its hard to believe...she’s pretty stocky, thinking maybe she is gonna be like her daddy.
Hope all is well with you, and will be talking to you soon.

Hi Stephanie,

We are home...took us 12 hours to come home instead of the 10 going out....guess we dilly dallied...Hope was such a good lil girl, she has yet to have an accident in the car or in the house.
She cracks me up...she’s so curious and busy checking every room out that I sometimes lose track of her, but she always comes running when we call her. She’s so little that she is able to walk
right under the bed, guess I should attach a dust mop to her and let her clean while she plays. LOL She is doing just wonderful, she is eating well and her stools are good, she loves to play with the
toys we got her, she makes them squeek and jumps back and barks at them, she’s very entertaining.

It sure was nice to finally meet you and see your lovely place, I wish we were closer to you...I’d be over at your house learning how to trim Hope. On second thought maybe that wouldn’t be the best
cuzz we’d probably decide to enjoy a bottle of wine and never get the work done. LOL We have decided to keep her name just suits her and us. She brought us a lot of hope for our lives to
brighten after we lost Holly and we felt so lost and depressed. She is so beautiful and so full of life, our lives feel like old times....she is under foot and with us wherever we are and it just makes things
complete and back to normal. I can’t thank you enough Stephanie, we have been blessed because of you. You will be forever a very special person in our lives....I am going to keep u informed on Hopes
progress. I do have a question for you, I saw on your site information on Angel Eyes. At what do you use that?

Well, stay in touch...I hope all your people made it yesterday. Things are gonna start getting pretty quiet at your place....I know, never a dull moment!
Have a good one!

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