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I'm trying to be better about sending pictures this year, so here are some new ones. Abbey is settling in nicely, and she is pretty sure that she rules the roost! It's so funny to see her barking at that puppy behind the fireplace doors, or outside the patio doors. She really doesn't think that strange dog should be in her house! It's such a hoot to see Ace and Abbey out in the yard - Ace just goes about his business checking out his property, and Abbey simply has to have her nose into whatever Ace finds. He'll bark if he sees something unusual, and Abbey is right next to him. She doesn't know what they're barking at, but she's ready to do her part to keep us all safe! She is positively glued to her big brother! I think she's going to be the little princess, as you said. Ace is holding steady between 27-28 pounds, and little Abbey hit 8 pounds 4 oz at her last vet visit. We're hoping she stays smaller than Ace, because we may not survive 2 cannonballs careening around the house! Both of our kids are wonderful - we have our own 3-ring circus, and wouldn't have it any other way!

Hi, Stephanie!

Merry Christmas (only a little late!) I hope you and your family had a wonderful celebration. Things were sure busy around here, but I guess that's part of the fun. My little furry kids are doing well - they think they rule the roost! People compliment them everywhere they go - those two sure have personality and looks to spare! I'm enclosing Christmas pictures - they look so beautiful with their haircuts and Christmas collars! (Actually Abbey is beautiful; Ace is handsome!) I had them weighed when they went in for their haircuts - Ace is holding steady at about 27 lbs., and Abbey is a petite little 15 lbs. She looks so dainty next to her big brother (but that has never held her back!) She's the self-proclaimed boss, and Ace is so laid-back, he just couldn't care less!)

Anne & Peter

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