Classy Country Cockers | Brighton (Merry/Ruger) In loving memory of our Sophie G
Created 10-Mar-12
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When you've been breeding for as long as I have, I'm happy to say I have families come back to me for yet another CC puppy. On the downside of this is that our companions do not live forever on this earth but will always have a special place in our hearts.
Ginger and Jim have come back to CCs and now have a Merry/Ruger female I called Honey and named Brighton

Thank you for taking my advice and giving Brighton NuVet

I remember this little pup well. She was the smallest of the litter and spoken for. When her new family came we decided that the larger of the two girls would be best for their homelife. I put word out Sophie was available and that same afternoon she was spoken for. Sophie has turned into a stunning red girl from Zoe and Banks. It's funny how sometimes the prettiest adults are not the flashiest pups when they are small.
That's what makes things fun.

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