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August brings with it "back to school" and getting ready for the harvest season at the Mains.
It's been a very hot and humid summer. The grass continues to grow like crazy and we can hardly keep up with it.
I'm looking forward to some drier air and cooler temps.
November already???
What a fall we have had. Kreg and the crew at Mainview farm just finished up a bountiful harvest season here in the midwest. Crops were good and lots of bushels. No one was hurt and the young moms with little ones all survived too.
The Cubs won the world series!! Of course right in the middle of harvest for the farmers but it worked out he was able to see the games. Kregs mom turned 87 this year and is a huge Cubs fan so that was nice for her.
I've been enjoying a break between litters and have been doing a major house renovation starting with our upstairs. It seems you get to an age where there are better things to do than tear things up and make them new again. However..... I have to say it looks fabulous!!
Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and I am more thankful than ever to have 4 healthy children and 5 beautiful grandchildren a loving husband and a quiet but good life here in the country.
I'm adding another round of family photos today. I'm beyond thankful that my kids allow me to be a part of making their memories with my photography. I know I over do with the photos but they make me happy.
March 2017 already:

We enjoyed Evalies third birthday, the calves are arriving, the show pigs have arrived and we had a March snowstorm that the grandkids enjoyed.
Spring is a busy season for the Main family. Planting season is soon to be upon us
Aubrey is at schoolAleck finishing his show summer seasonKreg showing off his sweet corn patchthat's a lot of sweet cornMainview Farm is in the distancewhen we get tired of looking at corn we can see beansKregAubrey came home for the weeken so took her out to eatSelfie of Aubrey with her parents!Evalie with her curly hair on the boat Sunday afternoonAunt B with the Fleming boysVale showing her olympic spirit USAso many butterflies

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