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Hi Stephanie, hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas! We wish you the best of New Years. I wanted to send a few photos your way of the beautiful puppy that we picked up in May!! She is so gorgeous! We are so pleased with her. She was so easy to potty train. I hold out my arms, and she just jumps up in them! She is definitely a firecracker! Nothing shy about this girl. Always on the go! Hope you enjoy the pictures. She has been all over this year. We are leaving for Florida in a couple of weeks, for two months. She has lots of aunts and uncles that are anxious to see how big she is! Everyone loves her! Who couldn't?! Take care, Anita


Hi Stephanie, just wanted you to know how Miss Angel is doing. She is very happy, healthy, and full of wild energy! She dearly loves Sir Charles, and he does her as well. She is a perfect cocker spaniel in every way. Her coloring is gorgeous. We love her to pieces. We have been to Pennsylvania and Gatlinburg, and we are now in Myrtle Beach. Her first day on the beach! Sand everywhere! She had a blast! Take care, and I will send more photos!


Hi Stephanie, just wanted to drop you a line or two, and tell you Angel is growing like a weed. She has now been to Virginia Beach over Memorial Day weekend, and she's just " chillin with her bubb" on our way home from Florida. She's met many more aunts and uncles that just love her to bits. She and Charley are very close. I do believe she thinks she is bigger than him!!! Charley's breeder, Pam, got to meet her also and brought her many designer collars for her wardrobe. She is doing very well with her potty training. We are so happy with her. She sleeps snuggled up tight against us every night. Her next adventure will come end of the month to Pennsylvania. We will keep you posted!


Thank you for everything! She is just a true Angel. We love her so much already! Charley had already bonded with her, and loves to play with her, very gently of course. He pulls her around as she holds on to his ears growling! She's big stuff. I'll keep you informed on all her activities. We had a great ride home, no accidents! Have a Happy Mothers Day, I know I will.

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