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Created 27-Feb-14
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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Paizley NuVet

Paizley has done amazing! When we got home late Sun. she explored for about an hour. We then put her in her crate and after going back to reassure her twice she went right to sleep and slept 7 hours. She was very busy finding every nook and cranny on our main floor and that meant I was very busy. She has adjusted great and slept 8 hours 2nd night and 10 hours last night. We went to the vet and they all loved on her and thought she was so cute. Thanks to you and Sandy for making it happen with getting her here before the snow. I'm so glad to have the pitter patter and love back in our house after losing our sweet Jewel in April.

I feel so blessed to have found you and appreciate all you have done to help us get our newest family member, Paizley! Hope spring is just around the corner.

Thanks for Everything,

Paizley is so full of personality! I took her to the mtns. Fri. for one night with 12 ladies that I went to high school with and she did great. They couldn't believe how social she was and how she cried after me if I left the room. She has had no problem adjusting and we haven't been up once at night with her. Never cries when we put her in her crate. We left her for first time today to go to church. Our son is certainly coming over to visit more since she has arrived. Thanks again for a great puppy!

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