Classy Country Cockers | 4-10-15 Mercy & Marley pups
Created 10-Apr-15
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Puppy visits began today for my current litters. Since it's a Friday my little helper Rowan is here. Now I have to say, Rowan has been helping me with my pups since she herself was just a bitty baby.

Lots of pictures with Rowan and the pups and crew. Today however just takes the cake. We talked about how she was going to help grandma because we had "puppy people" coming. So out to the kennel we went for a few light chores and clipped up faces for our family.

Upon the arrival of Tracey and the kids Rowan took charge right away. Sharing her puppies with the family. She brought them some toys, even decided they needed some food so she brought that in too. She is getting so big she just gets all her items and put them where they belong. She was really good today and so much fun to watch. Just look at the expression on her little face. She is truly in puppy heaven. #grandmaslittlehelper

It's official now. Dozer will be going home with Tracey and Jack with Kelly. Jacks new name may be Bruno but not sure all the girls have agreed upon that. We did have a good day with the pups, crew and families. I am hoping that departure day is equally as beautiful with sunshine and warm temps.

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