Classy Country Cockers | Mitzi/Marley Bitty Babies 7-2015
Created 11-Jul-15
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Rowan had a big surprise yesterday when she asked to go out to see the baby puppies. Off we went and to her surprise she discovered Mitzi's litter. Grammy didn't tell her about them, her face was priceless. Now she has two litters to spoil and enjoy. Something tells me we will be spending lots of quaility puppy time together.

I asked Rowan how many puppies we had since she is counting now and she said 1, 2 5, 6 and 8. We are starting to count, lol I said we have 5 puppies and showed her how to hold her hand up for 5.

I told her we needed to let the babies rest, and she promptly gave each puppy a kiss and actually did two rounds of this. She sure loves these babies and I enjoy sharing them with her and the other kids too. The Fleming brothers are coming next week so I hope to let them have a little puppy time too.

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