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Created 21-Jul-15
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We have a friend with a drone who does agricultural farm photos and I asked him if he could do our homestead this year. I've been going to ask for 2 years now so I'm pretty pleased to have gotten this accomplished.
I think you will enjoy seeing how rural we really are. I always say we live in the middle of corn and bean fields now you know I speak the truth.
Summer of 2015 has been very rainy for us. Kreg and I take great pride in our country home and keep it neat and tidy. We have been mowing every 3 days and you can see it's a large yard of about 3 acres we sit on.
We enjoy our decks, pool and large yard that has a park for the grandkids. We don't really go out too much as we like our quiet homelife. We do however like to escape the Illinois winters and try to make it to the beach for a few days.
I'd like to do a few at harvest time too. I think it would be pretty cool to see all the farmers with their big equipment out in the fields harvesting the crops.
Enjoy our little piece of the world, we are not fancy out here in the Country but we do enjoy our home, family and of course the crew!

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