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Created 14-Aug-17
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As a breeder we do our best to insure pups are sound and healthy for many years of enjoyment. However this doesn't guarantee there won't be a bump in the road here and there.
I understand these things better than the average person. As a breeder for over 30 years one travels many roads.
I've had phone call and emails regarding accidents that may have happened in day to day life and incidents that have happened at the grooming parlor. Each needing vet care.
Cocker Spaniels can have specific breed related issue as can any pure bred dog. I have tried to go over these issues in my Gallery ( Eyes~Ears~Skin and Grooming) Please do your homework and visit with your vet about procedures that may need to be done, their experience and last but surely not least the cost involved.
While certain issues are more of a nuisance and not harmful to your puppy/young adult they will need to be addressed, fixed and done and over with. Which is a good thing.
With this said our Vet Care professionals do not work for free and Vet Care cost like human health care cost continue to rise.
It is important to me that I let my families know of their options prior to bringing home a CC puppy or any puppy for that matter.
Years ago I wouldn't have even thought to bring this up. However I have a family just like you. I have kids in college, grandkids and just everyday living expenses that are in a budget.
I feel that it is important now days to carry a Pet Health Insurance Policy for your newest family member. This will allow peace of mind to know that if something unexpected should arise with your puppy/young adult/senior companion that a majority of the cost is covered.
I have looked into this for you as I have for many other tips and information located in the different informational galleries on my website. Whether you choose to take my advice on this and my other information I provide it totally up to you.

As I said as a breeder for many years I just feel it is important that I help my families in all avenues of their puppy and family companion.
I say time again, if you have a problem I have a problem. We all have the same goal in mind " happy healthy puppy for many years of companionship."

As a thank you for selecting your puppy from an American Kennel Club member your puppy is eligible to receive 30 days of pet insurance coverage when you register with the American Kennel Club. I will be giving you the form with my paperwork packet on departure day.

AKC Pet Insurance

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