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Here's some pix I took today...he doesn't like the camera so this is the

best I could do! Isn't he a beautiful boy? As sweet and smart as he is him to pieces!

Wriggy doesn't like his 4th of July collar and refused to look at the camera

until I said the word "treat"...then I got a dirty look...

3-17-12 Happy St. Patricks Day, he won't look at the camera but he is still adorable!

Cindy and Chuck are CC family members that are always making us all smile with the updates on Wrigley! Wrigs is one pampered pup to say the least. He lives in Sunny florida and enjoys, pool time, club time with his friends on the golf course for Ice cream and overall giving Cindy a run for her money.

Chuck and Cindy made multiple trips from Florida for their Wrigley. Now that's what I call dedication.

Our new little Wrigley is just as sweet. He plays and plays but wants to cuddle up when it's naptime. We couldn't be more pleased with him already. I guess we're lucky that the girls go first so we were able to get our sweet little boy. He is quite a hit in the neighborhood with grown men talking baby talk when they see him! One of my good friends stopped by yesterday to meet him and actually got all teary as she remembered our sweet Cody and welcomed Wrigley to the family. He sure has captured our hearts as well as everyone he meets.
Thanks for doing what you do. It took me 5 years from the first time I corresponded with you but I knew when the time was right I was coming to you for a CC puppy. 1200 miles and 2 days of travel later we're all home safe and sound with our beautiful boy and can't thank you enough.

Cindy Writes:
I gotta tell you, that little guy is something special. Cody and
Chelsey were wonderful pets and we loved them dearly but Wrigs is a whole different dog...we love him so much! He has such a great personality and disposition and is so smart, besides being absolutely beautiful he has enriched our lives so much that I can't understand why those little male pups are still waiting for homes. Yes, the first few weeks of having any puppy are tiring and frustrating but now at 6 months old the reward of the journey is priceless. He jumps on my lap and looks at me and I melt...and Chuck, who really wasn't 100% on board with getting another dog, is putty in Wrigley's little paws! Our petsitter calls and asks if Wrigley can come over! And he gets smothered in kisses there can't help but love him. He has exceeded our expectations by a mile and I want to thank you again. Every one that sees him just raves about him and his outgoing personality, when we go for a walk if a person is outside and doesn't pay attention to him he cries! He is everything I told you I wanted in a cocker and more.
Tell those people that are sitting on the fence about a boy to call me!


Just got home from the vet as Wrigley has been limping...just a little strain...BUT...the vet said Wrigley is like a golden retriever in a cocker spaniel body! She said he is exactly what a cocker is supposed to be but a lot that she sees are not like him She said he was beautiful and perfect and if I want another one I would be doubling my fun...and to stick with the same breeder. He laid on the table while being probed and prodded and kissed all the people working on him. So another testimony to good breeding...thanks Stephanie!

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