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Christmas 2012 Update


I know that it has been a while since I have updated you on how our girls are doing. Do know that we think of you often. Alohi and Kieli are both well and happy and bring us joy and laughter every day. Kieli goes with us to Indy to visit our grandchildren, Alohi goes to stay with her Uncle Roger and Aunt Joyce for some one on one pampering. Alohi does not really enjoy other dogs and Jenny has a large playful dog, Kieli is in her element and totally bosses the other dog. We will be in Indy for New Years with our daughter and family and our son from Texas and his family. a good time will be had by all, I am sure.

Am sending some pictures. We did not plan the staging of the naughty and nice ornaments behind each dog, but it is fitting. Alohi is still a perfect angel and Kieli is Kieli and we love it that way. Thank you again for your wonderful breeding program, you are not breeding dogs, you are giving families a wonderful new addition to their family.

Merry Christmas from the Johnson’s, Dennis, Janet, Alohi and Kieli (2012)

Hi Stephanie, Can you believe it? Kieli is already a year old, the pictures are of her birthday. You told us when she was teeny tiny that she was a spitfire and boy were you right! You can see in the one picture that Alohi is quietly sitting and Kieli has that look. " What's next? What are we going to do now? OH Boy, bet it will be fun."
She has such a joy for life and worships her big sister. Always lying next to Alohi, or on Alohi and Alohi just allows it, like, this is my baby sister. They are WONDERFUL!!!
I will send more and you can decide what you want to post.
Have a great rest of the summer and even tho I can't even think about number 3, I still look at the puppies and drool over their beauty.
Also, forgot to tell you in the first e-mai. We took the girls to Woofstock this year and a professional groomer stopped us and commented on how good the girls looked and how much work it took to keep them looking good and then she asked where we took them to be groomed. She was very surprised to learn that we groom them ourselves, so we aren't doing too bad. Thanks for your lessons.

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