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7-4-16 Update on Baxter and Holly:
Greetings Stephanie,
Hope all is well in the ‘world of Cocker Spaniel Puppies’!!!
Yes time does seem to slip away-especially during the Summer and with your busy schedule with Dogs/Puppies & not to mention farming and family/kids & items important as baseball. (I know it was to me growing up)
Holly and Him have seem to really hit it off and follow and do most everything together. (I call them Butch (Holly) & Sundance (Baxter) as they make quite a pair-Holly knows she still the ‘Queen’ of the house but I feel that having Baxter has changed her whole life & personality for the better and feel she enjoys his companionship. (Helen and I sure enjoy them and if we take them anywhere people are always commenting about how cute & beautiful they are) Also you will get a big kick out of this ritual-at night Holly always slept in my bedroom in a cushion bed right on my side. Now at bedtime, Holly will crawl into her padded bed and Baxter makes his own nest elsewhere-well lately after I turn the light off sometime during the night he will come and crawl in with Holly and many times before wake-up time I will shine the light from my phone and find him sleeping in the same small bed w/Holly! Too cute for words-Helen and I are going to get a bigger bed and see if they continue to want to sleep together. Will keep you up-dated.

He has done very well with being Potty Trained with very few accidents.
I really can’t say much more than Thank You for the opportunity to be become Baxter’s extended family and truly Holly and him are Loved lifetime Companions! (I do say they keep retired Helen busy and greet me when I get home from work try to beat each other to the door to greet me first-pretty funny!!)
Always good to hear from you!
TC & Best Regards,
Bryan & Helen

My Baxter Boy..... What a sweet handsome loving perfect Cocker Spaniel. If only he had an interest in being a "sire" I've been working with Baxter over the last 3 years getting a few litters but his heart just wasn't in it. Makes for things to be difficult, I won't go into to all those details.
However he makes a fabulous companion and buddy. He always has. He is calm, quiet and LOVES HIS TOYS. He actually prefers his toys over my girls.
Baxter is officially retired and enjoying the good life. He has joined Bryan and Helen who have my Holly. Bryan has been in touch for quite some time wanting to bring home another CC retired member and really wanted a black male. Funny how things work out. They have quiet home and Helen is retired and spends her days doting on the pets!

Baxter is CC's newest male we will be using for sire. He is not only stunningly beautiful but he has the personality I just love with my boys. He is sweet and full of love. Baxter is eager to please.

Sire: CH. LAYTON THINK OF GENERO "Slovak Republic"

Baxter has a beautiful head, neck and topline to round off his many great attributes.

Looking forward to having some Baxter puppies in the near future here at CCs.
Sept. 24, 2013Baxter and Rowan Play date January 17, 2014Love my boys!

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