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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Sylas and his furry friends NuVet

I'd like to say that Janelle, has been following Classy Country Cockers since I got on the world wide web. She actually was Aubrey's friend first. Janelle is a very kind lady who met Aubrey through my website. Aubrey was the first CC's little helper. As Aubrey grew into about 11 years old or so she launched her business "B's Biscuits and Bandannas" I'm pretty sue Janelle was a good customer.
She's been waiting for years to finally have the right time to bring home a CC puppy. It was so nice to finally meet her in person.

Where do I even start? He was perfect on the plane. Not a peep! No accidents. Everyone wanted to know what was in the bag. Many ooo's and ahhhhs! One little girl asked to hold him and she exclaimed he is so soft!

He ate a bite and had a nice drink and played with his brothers before we fell into bed! He fussed a little but then went to sleep. He woke in the night to go potty. He woke up about 6:30 this morning - ate well, did good going potty. We played outside and he can climb up the steps into the house, but not yet the basement stairs.

He is a delight and so very sweet! I love him! He is worth every minute of waiting and the traveling! It was awesome and such a pleasure to meet and visit with you after all these years! I will get more pictures for you but none will be good like yours and I'm busy with this little cutie pie!

I'll work on sending you more pictures since I've only taken about a gazillion!

❤️ Janelle

I have about a thousand pictures....I will try to only send a few of the best, but I like most of them except the ones of Sylas in a blur!

First, I don't think I said thank you so much for everything and it was fantastic to finally meet you - after only watching you on the internet for over a decade! Sylas is perfect! He does all of his business outdoors. He has learned to get up the step into the back door. He plays then falls asleep. Sylas comes when he is called - usually. He follows his brothers everywhere. However, Sather and he had a little scuffle so I've pulled back on the freedom he has when they are around until my dog trainer comes to help me know when growling is okay and when it is not. Sylas went to the vet yesterday and they all thought he was a "Calendar Cocker!" He is such a love! Yet, he is such a big boy when he has to go into his crate, he might whimper for about two seconds then settles in for a nap or bedtime. After traveling, we had to work on the schedule and last night he slept through the night! YEA! He woke up two nights because he had to go potty and then he went right back to sleep. He is eating well and has good poops - no concerns about anything there! We'll do his second set of shots in a couple of weeks and deworming. Have I told you how perfect he is??? When I play the instagram videos for him, he stops and looks right at the phone when he hears your voice! It is precious - I need to try and video it....He has tried to be friendly to the cats, but they are not too interested in him yet! He loves his toys and his learning to chew on toys instead of me!

Thank you for all the photos that you took and everything you did to raise such a great boy! I'm just ecstatic that he is from Dazi and Riley who I so remember back in the days when you had them.

I hope Rowen is feeling better. It looks like you had a busy Friday Funday with your three little dollies! Loved the video of the girls being picked up and their people! I'm sure they'll love them! It looks like they brought you some great goodies as well as, your helper!

Hope you had a nice Anniversary. I can't imagine being married 33 years! :-)

Now I'll include "just a few" photos!

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