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CC's is an AKC approved and inspected kennel. In short this means that we have been found to be in complete compliance with the AKC standards for quality control, accurate record keeping and DNA profiling.
I have tried to do my best to share the wonderful facility that I have for my crew. I am one of a very few breeders who actually give you a tour of their facilities...
My indoor office area is where I spend the most of my days. I do my grooming and puppy visits here. It is quite spacious and very comfortable. The floor is concrete, for easy clean up but it does have a special feature I love. We installed radiant floor heat throughout our inside area. This is great.
The office area is used to socialize the pups when the weather does not permit us to go outside to romp. Everything here has a purpose for my days to run smoothly. I have tried to add some of my own personality to give it a bit of a homey environment.

Absolutely nothing to hide here at CC's. In fact I am so proud of our facilities. We have worked hard and everything is very thought out for the comfort of our Crew! We have 8 outdoor runs, again raised off the concrete. Keeps everyone very clean. Something I am very particular about. Through each little door you will find a 3X3 completely insulated house. In the winter a heavy gauge flap is put on to keep the inside warm and draft free. Another important element we have for our outside kennels are the Lectro Kennel Pads for wintertime usage. With the insulation and doors these houses stay very nice and comfy even in the coldest part of the winter. Our runs face the south, so absolutely no cold north midwest winds affect our crew.

Exercise and socialization are of course at the top of the list for the Crew. We have a routine that works well. Each morning weaher permitting of course, the dogs are let out in the about 1acre grass play yard. Not pictured is a large shade tree where they can be found on the warmest of days. The dogs run for the better part of the day until late afternoon it is time to get back in their runs. They are always ready to "Kennel Up" because they know it's dinner time at CC's. The overhanging roof is such a blessing for shade and inclimate weather here. Again our goal is to treat our Crew with the upmost respect and give them a wonderful environment, to socialize them so when it is time for retirement they can easily fit into a loving family for the rest of their years.

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