Classy Country Cockers | Dog Days of Summer July 2018
Created 13-Jul-18
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As we are approaching Mid July here at CC's we have had a very hot and humid summer season starting in late May.
I have taken the liberty to give the crew summer shaves this year. I normally keep them relatively short but this year I went all out!
This is their second round of summer clips and as you can see they look good and feel good.
These photos were taking with my phone this morning 7-13-18 as I let them out at 6:30 am. The grass is very wet and its already muggy out. The crew will enjoy the early morning coolness and as the day gets hotter I will then bring them in to their indoor outdoor runs. The AC is blasting along with a large fan to keep the air flowing. It's actually quite comfy and my crew is spoiled just a bit.
The Heat is just as much extra work as the bitter cold. It's a lot of monitoring of the water dishes and just over all comfort of my crew.
While my crew isn't all in full coat looking gorgeous, they are happy, healthy and comfy and well tended too this hot country summer.

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