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Brucey went to daycare Friday and played with Jaxon and Jagger, and I wish I could have taken the day off just to watch the three of them together. Whenever we go out, everyone says that they haven’t seen such a nice Cocker Spaniel in years. Of course I tell them all about you and your website. I think I should carry business cards with your website address on it.
I would just love to have another of your pups, but Joe says we have to wait at least three years … so I hope you keep producing quality pups for years to come. Brucey’s personality is such a winner, and he is learning very quickly in his puppy class. He will set and down with no trouble, and while stay is still a bit of a challenge, I am sure he will get it soon.
I’ll keep in touch, and send you photos from time to time, so you can continue to see the wonderful pup your hard work produced. I thank my lucky stars for finding you each morning as Brucey gives me puppy kisses to start my day.
Thank you … Thank you … Thank you!

Hello Stephanie,
With work and vacation it had been over a month since I had been out to your website, and she was updating me on the newest litter. My first love will always be the buffs, but I must say those little black pups are very adorable. While there, I had to check out the furry friends section. I didn't realize it had been so long since I sent you an update.
Brucey is such a character. He loves to jump off the porch and so we thought we would buy a hula hoop for him to jump through. We went to Walmart and bought the only one they had ... with three lights that flashed when being used. Little did we know he would view it as the hula hoop of fire used by stunt dogs. Our little brave pup suddenly became a scaredy cat. We have worked with him to get to the point where he will get a toy from inside of it while it is on the floor. Maybe we will get to jumping through it by the end of summer, but it is a 50/50 possibility at this point.
He has also found his outside voice ... oh how he has found it. He wants all his puppy friends in the neighborhood to know when he is outside. I keep thinking it is just another challenging puppy phase, but to tell the truth, it is sometimes hard not to laugh at him. He barks at his own shadow, the wind, and my favorite was when he barked at a dandelion. My husband, I am sure, thought it was a trick on my part to get him to spray the yard for weeds.
I had forgotten this spring that if you want to have a buff puppy, that after mowing you need to let the grass dry before letting your doggie play in the yard. It was bad enough that his paws were green, but in typical puppy fashion he felt the need to roll around in the newly cut grass as well. As I am sure you know, getting grass stains out of a buff coat is nearly impossible. I won't make that mistake again this year.
Last night was a perfect evening for playing in the back yard with Brucey. He LOVES to run after a Frisbee, although often times it is mommy who does the fetching. I grabbed the camera and took a couple shots to show you how he has grown. He has a beautiful line to him, and is just the ideal companion for us.
I am already planning his 1st birthday party ... hard to believe in a couple months he will be one. Our spoiled little Brucey is loved by our entire extended family, so this will be a birthday party that is as special to them as it is to us. With every puppy kiss and cuddle all my hopes and dreams have come true. You are a treasure of a person with a love for the breed, and I was blessed to have found you.

Have a great holiday Stephanie!

Hello Stephanie. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday. It is so hard to believe this is our second Christmas with Brucey. Attached are this years photo's for your viewing pleasure. He has become used to my taking his photo, so the process is much easier on both of us. Brucey played Santa and his Reindeer this year, and our family and friends really enjoyed it. Our young niece and Brucey spent the whole afternoon Christmas day playing together, and by the end of the day he was snoring so loud we had to turn up the TV to hear the news ... of course we could have put him to bed instead, but he was so cute that I just couldn't disturb him. We had many people in the house for the holiday, and he was so very good that I couldn't be prouder. He had a special treat for the day ... his very own sugar cookie ... not to big ... but wow did he think Mommy should have given him more. Santa knew he was so nice ... not the least bit naughty this year ... so he received some wonderful new toys and some treats that he likes to carry around like they are treasures before eating. He helped unwrap each, and he was as adorable as could be as, he thought the paper was part the gift. He goes crazy after the manufacturer tags, so Santa has learned that they need to be cut off before wrapping.

He has just recently learned a new trick. If you tell him to "catch it" he will do his best to catch the small ball/toy in his mouth. He is successful about 85% of the time, and when he isn't successful it is generally because his Mommy or Daddy didn't toss it very well. We still have to play the two toy game to get him to drop his first toy for the second, and he gets so excited that he can barely set still as he anticipates the second one being tossed.

I am also including a photo we took this October. At Halloween we bought him a football costume. He loved it so much that later that night he kept going to the closet door, and when I finally figured out he wanted me to open it, he pulled out the costume and looked at me as if he was asking me to put it on him. So now when we set down to watch a football game, I put him in his football outfit and he is our official mascot of the day. It is fun watching him on the couch next to his Daddy in that outfit. I think you will agree that he looks like he is proud of being a football.

Brucey is everything we had hoped he would be ... the perfect fit for our family ... and we love him more then words could ever express.

I hope that the new year is good to your family and all the families that have in their homes one or more of your pups!

Hello Stephanie. It seems like just yesterday I was sending you a photo of Brucey in his football costume. This year I was thrilled to find a Batman costume, and thought I would send a few photos your way. As you may recall my husband is a Batman collector, so Bruce Wayne became Brucey when we were deciding on a name.

Our little guy has sure grown up this year. He can speak volumes without saying one word. He still doesn't like to be groomed, and I hate to admit it, but I bribe him to behave during his daily brushing. I figure a little extra treat will not hurt him. :-) He is quite the character ... like when he decided mom's tulip buds were actually balls on a stick that were meant to be picked and tossed in the air. Now mind you he has more toys then any one dog should have ... there are so many they are piled high over the top of the toy box. He knows exactly what toys are what, and will look for specific ones, even if that means pulling out a dozen to get the one he is looking for. He doesn't seem to care that we have to play toy pickup at the end of the night!
He still enjoys time at daycare, and he has a rather large group of dog friends. He plays with Jaxon and Jagger there and the staff just love the three of them. On his birthday they posted his photo from the first day he went to daycare ... amazing how he has grown.

I visit your website often ... looking at every photo of the new litters ... and love your facebook posts. Keep it coming for all of us who eagerly wait until the time when they can add another CC puppy to our family.
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