Classy Country Cockers | Ringo (Annie/Lovie)
Created 18-Feb-18
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We absolutely love him. He such a good boy. The other dogs didn’t know what to think if him first but now he’s one of the family. I would like to thank you for lending a shoulder for me. I lost my best friend and he’ll always be in my heart. Ringo is already in my heart so I’ll have a piece of all my furry babies in my heart to make it whole. If you ever need to retire one of your dogs please let me know. All your parents and puppies are so beautiful. Thank you again Stephanie for bringing a smile to my face again

Ringo did really well last night. He cried a little bit then fell asleep. He is keeping us busy but we can’t get enough of him. Dominique posted a picture of him on Facebook but everyone thinks he’s a stuff animal. I can’t thank you enough for our little Ringo.

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