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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Bailey NuVet

This journey to find our Bailey has been a wonderful experience, beginning with an email inquiry and an early morning phone call from Stephanie to talk over the process and commitment required to become a member of the CC Family.
Over the next 7 weeks of anticipating the frequent photos and videos Stephanie posted on Instagram (my face still hurts from smiling) and studying the wealth of information on the CC website, I was convinced that whichever puppy we uitimately brought home would reflect Stepanie's dedication, love and care for her "Crew" and these beautiful puppies.

Our first visit to CC's on "pick day" was everything I had hoped for and more. Just the right balance of professional pride and genuine love was evident in everything she does. #stephanie'
sjobisbetterthanmine. And on "going home" day, we were treated with such kindness and enthusiasm . . . I really have no words!

We found out pretty quickly that Bailey is a quick learner and certainly energetic! We had very quick success with our potty training, and with vigilance and much praise, continue to build on our successes. He loves to rip and run in his big fenced yard which has helped extend his night time sleeping. All in all, a very successful first week. We are filled with joy ♡♧♡♧

Stephanie, you rock!

Warm regards,
Bonnie, Tom and Bailey

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