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1st Step you email me, upon receiving your email I will answer it as promptly as I can. I ask that prior to your email you take a moment to go through the important informational galleries I have taken the time to put on my website to try to help answer many of the questions and concerns you may have. I ask that when you do email me you take a moment to give me some information about yourself, home life and work schedule. This will allow me to make good choices when placing my pups.

Just to make sure everyone understands " I live in Illinois, I don't ship my pups, all families come to fetch their new companions here in the country or I am able to meet you at the Moline Airport.

I will be more than happy to give you pricing, and what my waiting list is looking like for the future. I work off my waiting list in most cases.

When I reply to your email giving you current stats on what's available, pricing and answer the questions you may have. It's important that you get back with me . Remember you contacted me, I will not push myself upon you if I don't hear back from you. I will just assume you have passed and give the information to another family who has contacted me.

Payments: I am using paypal for my deposits and payments. If you don't have a paypal account it is very easy to set up and efficient. This is a safe and secure way to send money. I have a paypalme link I will send you. I have found since I set my account up I use it more often than I thought I would. you can link your bank account and any credit cards you may want to use.

This is a very busy time for myself and the crew. Pups will have been to the vet for the "puppy check up". They will have had their first shots and wormer. This will all be documented, this paperwork goes to your vet for their files and discuss what shots work best. I will set this day well in advance so that everyone knows what the plan is so that you may adjust your schedule.

Upon visiting with my ACK advisor, we discussed how few and far between the number of Cocker Spaniel breeders there are at this time. It seems only a handful are what you would call "doing a good job." Remembering back to when there was an over abundance of them. Who's to say why the number has dwindled, many have retired, others have thrown in the towel due to financial problems, possibly deciding it's just too much work, but most likely it has to do with the more educated public having raised their standards of where their puppy will come from. I fully believe people are much more interested in the environment where their puppy comes from than they did years ago.

Let us not forget the the government on a state and local level are making it increasing difficult for anyone to raise puppies, no matter how high each individual breeder has set their own standards.

The cost of maintaining a well established kennel and fees have sky rocketed just as our grocery bill has. Everything it seems is at an all time high and I am not under the impression that prices of any kind will decrease. As my husband says " we just have to get used to it."

CC's is a very small and select kennel. I will be producing only a few select litters throughout the year. CC's pricing reflects, pedigrees behind my lines, quality and control of my environment where my puppies and crew are raised. Let's not forget about the amount of time and effort each member of my crew, puppy and family require.

Throughout the years I have made it a known fact my pups are not for everyone. I have strict standards I have set for a breeding environment and ask that my families understand and most importantly respect who I am as a breeder and person.

CC's offers no shipping of our puppies. All families who commit to a CC puppy understand that they must be able to make the trip to the Country to "fetch" their newest family member. I know we have been in touch via email and I have kept you up to date on your new puppy on a weekly basis. However, by you or a designated person who is able to come physically to CC's to view your puppy (and of course see my beautiful crew)upon pick up and final payment insures all involved that you indeed have a sound and healthy puppy. This not only benefits myself but you too. We all are working towards the same goal. Happy healthy puppy for many years, I like to make sure my families understand my pups are reared in an environment to be proud of.

As you browse through my website and information I have tried to be as transparent as I can to give you a full view of what I consider to be important with my breeding

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