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Kennel & Puppy Visits

Kennel and Puppy visits are given to those families who have committed to a CC puppy. We have gone to extreme lengths to show off our crew and facility to ensure that our families understand the quality environment our pups and crew are reared in.

Those tracking from kennel to kennel are also tracking possible disease from lesser establishments. This is not permitted here at CC's under authority from our Vet and AKC advisor, "We ask that you respect our rules"

Our days are full and hours long here at CC's. Tending to our moms, pups and families who have taken the step to commit to one of our pups. We are in constant correspondence with them and keeping our website up to date on a daily basis so all are up on the latest news.
With all the smartphone technology out there these days I have really taken advantage of it and post " A LOT " of videos of just day to day things. These can be found under the gallery of FUN DAYS HERE AT CCS.

Viewing our newborns is always fun and I post them promptly on site. Having people in and out is not permitted as discussed for disease but mostly the disruption of the routine and getting the pups up and going well. Moms get excited and stepping on pups is a very real threat. If there is a puppy available on site you wish to see and is still available when I feel they are settled in and doing well we can set up an appt. to view. No pups will be held without a deposit.

Those who commit to a CC puppy: visits are generally between 4-5 weeks depending on my schedule. This is the time the pups look like real puppies and are weaned from their moms.

Weekdays work well for me. When pups are departing I set aside usually Friday and Saturday to release them into their new families. Sundays are set aside for Church and Family.

We do hope that you can try to understand our rules and priorities. We work very closely with our families who have selected a CC cocker and do our best to show off our fine kennel and crew. For some this is not enough and we here at CC's respect your opinion and wish you luck on your new family member. We believe our standards and guidelines are best not only for our Crew and pups

You're welcome to take a peek at our kennel via "Our Kennel" here.

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