Classy Country Cockers | Terrific Tuesday....9-1-15 Rowan and Ruger
Created 1-Sep-15
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Well, obviously it's not Friday so we are having #terrifictuesday here at CC's. I invited Rowan for the day. Amanda is working at getting ready for Rowans little sister and Adam is not going to be much help with surgery on his knee coming up.
Anyway, I hadn't planned on a photo shoot but my trusty phone sure does take nice candids. Rowan was having such a time with her little buddy Ruger today. I love the one in the sandbox and of course the bubbles, and chair fun.
The calendar says 9-1 but it feels like the 4th of July this week. Toasty, and humid too.
Too cute not to share
Have a great night
Sand on my nose, smelling like a rose!and.... this is why bubbles are 99 cents!

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