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Abbie and Ellie are adjusting very nicely to life here together. Ellie has had to put Abbie in her place a couple of times as Abbie can be quite a little whirlwind. Although we had some fears of Ellie being jealous of her, we have not seen any sign of that. All in all we couldn’t have asked for better results with their adjustment.
She has slept well each night which means we’ve slept well each night. We have been putting her in a pet carrier and after a couple of minutes of whimpering she has slept all night each night so far. She has been doing very good with going potty. She has had just a couple of little accidents in the house but seems to understand where she needs to go. We have a bell on the patio door that we put there for Ellie when she was a puppy. We put it there with the theory that Ellie would go over to the door to be let out more often than we knew and if nothing else would bump the bell to signal us she needed to be let out. As it turned out she learned that by hitting it with her paw or nose she would get let out so we left it in place. Now it seems that Abbie is using it as well.
Everyone that meets her thinks she is the cutest thing they’ve ever seen. We can’t wait to see what a beautiful dog she turns into. Judging by mom and dad she has all the qualities. We know she’ll grow fast so we will enjoy the puppy moments we have now. We will try to keep you updated as she grows.
Kim and Brad

We thought we would send a quick note to let you know how Abbie is doing. First, thank you for your consideration in seeing us last Sunday allowing us to visit your kennels and meet the rest of the crew. They were all so well behaved and happy. Your passion for you craft shows in your crew and facility. Thanks for explaining everything involving Abbie so thoroughly. Out visit left us feeing we were at the right place to get a puppy that will develop into the kind of dog we are looking for.

We wanted to send some photo updates of Abbie. They were taken with a cell phone so I hope the resolution is good enough for posting. Abbie is a real character. She loves being outside. She enjoys going for walks, car rides and she adjusts very well just about anything new we expose her to. She understands where she is supposed to go potty and accidents have been very few and far between. Crating her at night and giving treats has helped that along quite well. She is a clever little cocker as well. A few times lately she has tried to cheat by ringing the bell to be let outside then she’ll step out onto the deck and turn around and step back inside and sit down and look up at us expecting a treat. Needless to say we laugh but no treat is awarded for this. She and Ellie play very well together and it’s good for Ellie because I think it will keep her young. We hope you enjoy the Photos. We’ve been checking out your Classy Cockers web site and your Facebook page and your site as well. It’s neat to see how Abbie’s siblings are doing and hope their owners enjoy Abbie’s updates as well. This is something very unique to you as a breeder which I’m sure other owners enjoy as much as we do.
Hope all is well with you,
Brad and Kim

Stephanie -Abbie has turned out to be just as you predicted. She's petite like Violet, full of character, and loves (demands) attention. We couldn't be happier!
Rest assured that she is loved more than you can imagine and has fit into our home perfectly. Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful gift.


We really enjoy the new photo area of your website and the opportunity to
see Abbie and all the others as well. Thanks also for the adding the
pictures of her that you had taken at Easter time. They're great pictures
and the only ones we had seen of her at that age. You have a real talent for
photography and we look forward to all of the updates showing your work and
the great shots of your puppies and crew. Your grand kids are very lucky to
have a grandma that can document their lives so professionally as they grow.
I'm sure your children greatly appreciate it.

We have Abbie signed up for Jr. obedience class. The course is 7 weeks of
classes and focuses on the basics. She loves to go for walks but tends to
pull us down the street so that's an area we need to improve on. We also
need to work on listening when we give her a command. If she is excited
because there is another dog that she wants to play with she will pretty
much tune us out. We have been able to teach her sit and stay so we can
build on that. She is extremely smart so I think she will do well.

She really enjoys playing fetch, tug-of-war with her rope bones, and chewing
raw hide. She also likes being brushed. You've probably groomed hundreds of
dogs in your time as a breeder so I'm sure you know what a joy it is to have
dogs that don't fight being brushed, especially a cocker. Speaking of going
for walks, as soon as we mention going for a walk she and Ellie go nuts. We
put their leashes on and Abbie will grab Ellie's leash and start pulling her
around the room. It's hilarious.

Ellie is a bit of a glutton so we really have to watch to make sure she is
chowing down on Abbie's food when she isn't tending to it. She will eat a
little then walk away from it but will keep an eye on Ellie then rush over
to the bowl and put herself between Ellie and the bowl if Ellie tries to
approach it. It's funny how she doesn't want it but sure doesn't want Ellie
to have it. All in all they continue to get along very well.

One thing that I'd be interested in knowing is if you've seen a certain
trait I've never seen in another dog. Maybe it's something you've seen in
either Violet, Marley, or other dogs . The trait is as though she's wanting
to talk back, or talk to you. She will through her head back and let out a
yowl. It's probably better described as an ooooooooooo sound that starts low
goes a bit higher and ends low. It's not a howl though. Sometimes she'll do
it several times in a row if you continue to talk to her and say things like
"oh really, you don't say?"' to keep her going. Anyone that witnesses it
cracks up and says it's like she believes she talking to us. She never does
it because of a sound that would bother her or anything. Most of the time
it's more in reaction to something that make her excited or happy like the
mention of going for a walk. Sometime I'll make a point to get it on tape
and send you the movie file. Let us know if you've ever seen anything like
what I've tried to describe. Especially if it's a trait you've seen in any
of Abbie's blood line.

I'll send you a few updates from September and around Christmas.
Unfortunately the Christmas pictures I took of her looking at the camera all
turned out with glowing eyes. I'm not much of a photographer. We hope you
enjoy the updates. We also hope the holidays were enjoyed by you and your

Best Wishes,

Brad and Kim Jenks

Here are a few pictures of Abbie. We had put Scoobie in her crate to keep her company and now she has become pretty attached to him. She drags him around the house. She’s done with the crate now and sleeps on the bed with us. Fortunately we have a king size bed so there’s plenty of room for everyone. The other couple of pictures is are from last weekend after her first hair cut. First hair cut by us anyway. We were just going to trim her face but she kind of freaked out so we decided to do her back to allow her to get used to the clippers. That kind of set her at ease. She took the rest of the haircut pretty good. She doesn’t seem to like the under part of her neck and chest shaved though. All in all she was pretty good though.
Hope all is going well,
Brad and Kim
Abbie Update 1-13-2012

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