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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Basil and Piper NuVet

It was one year ago today, we picked up our precious little girls from you.
Just wanted to let you know how happy we are that we did just that. They have brought us so much joy, we don’t know how we lived without them.
We love having two dogs. They both have such wonderful personalities and are just beautiful! We are constantly being stopped on our walks be people who admire them.
Our friends and family fight over who gets to keep them if we go out of town.
They are doing very well, and are quite well behaved. We are still working on boundary training a bit, as our Basil is so social and thinks everyone needs to see her.
They still have their standing grooming appointment every 4 weeks and are fit and healthy.
We sometimes think we should get a third, but then think why upset the balance. They are such good companions to each other as well as us.
At any rate just wanted to thank you again for producing such wonderful Cockers and for giving us the opportunity to bring two of them home to live with us.

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