Classy Country Cockers | Mitzi/Marley pups 8-21-15
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Yep, it's a Friday and Rowan and I have a big day. She arrived at Grammy's house at 7 am..... yes that's pretty early I do agree but our morning went by quickly.
I told Rowan we had a big day and the one of our puppies was going to go home. So out to the office we went. We had to do some bathing and grooming. My job was to freshen up Mitzi just a bit and Shelby who was going to be leaving. Rowans job..... well that was to get all the pups out and play. This of course was accompanied by lots of pee pee and poo poo which she quickly told me was happening. LOL, this is why pups aren't in my living room.
As you can see Rowan did a great job of putting the pups in and out of the basket. Soon, our family arrived. Now Ro and I have been having "the talk"... the one about how the puppies were going to go to their new homes.... She does feel they are hers by this time. She seems to understand and tells me, "Ruger stays here though". I tell her yes he does so that makes things better.
I honestly just felt like I could sit back and watch Rowan work her magic and I know you will enjoy these pictures too. She certainly knows how to own the room.
Gina and Kevin were so good with Rowan when they came for Shelby and I appreciate the time they took to visit with her.
It was a good day here at CC's

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