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Today was bittersweet day for me.... Aubrey has left the nest and is now at her college. I miss her greatly she has always been such a good girl and now adult.

It's Friday and I get Little Baby Rowan all day, we had such a fun day today. She is getting so much personality, and helped me past the first day of Aubrey being officially gone to school.

Without sounding like a broken record, I can't say enough good things about my entire crew here at CC's. However, I have made it quite clear throughout the years, I prefer my boys and have two in my home with me. The Bo~Mars as they are affectionately called (Mr.Beaux and Marley) on my crew.

Males make wonderful companions and I hope you can see the depth of their superb personalities and great patience when it comes to children. They have been nothing but loving and forgiving to Rowan, Eli and Ethan our grandchildren over the years.

I have galleries filled with the boys and kids, so enjoy

Christmas 2013 with Rowan and the Bo~Mars
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