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Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for the wonderful photos. The boys, Max and Cooper have been so good. I can't believe for a split second we might have torn them apart. We are so in love with them. The kids have been loving and gentle with them as if they had them all their lives. Chevy (now cooper) follows my son, Ryan wherever he goes. Thank you, thank you!! I will try to take some pictures this long weekend. Have a good time visiting with your other families.

Hi Stephanie,

Hope you got a little rest this weekend! The puppies are doing great. Here are a few pictures of Cooper and Max with the kids; Cooper with the football; Max covered in a blanket (courtesy of my girls) and the two of them at the end of the day. I'll keep you posted!


Max and Cooper (Faith and Banks litter) are doing great at 12 weeks old! They are enjoying the wonderful fall weather and falling leaves.

Have a great day!

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