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A little bit about Kreg and I and our family:

We have been married 29 years March 2012! We currently have 4 children, two grandsons and a new grandbaby on the way December of 2012.

Kreg and I have been together for a very long time. I snatched him up when I was quite young, a freshman in Highschool and he a senior. We have been together ever since.

Kreg attended ICC College for Diesel Mechanics since he planned on joining his father and brother in the family farm.

I did not attend college, I wanted to be a wife and mother dabbling in pups along the way. He understands me and my Type A personality. This is why my job works so well for me. I am the boss and things are done my way at all times. LOL

As far as my business, all those years ago I really didn't imagine myself as the doglady. Yet here I am just that.

I have worked very hard through the years to achieve the standards I have set for myself and the care of my Crew. Those who have been following me all these years understand the amount of time and effort I put into my adults, pups and families. You also may note I am keeping my breeding girls to a minimum these days. Concentrating on just a few select breedings a year.

Kreg is a farmer here in Knox Country where the Mains have extensive acreage with Corn, Soybeans and Hay ground. The family also produces pork on a large scale. The youngest generations of Main boys have brought the cattle industry back to the family farm. There is always a task to be done on the farm and some years are better than others but all in all we enjoy a wonderful lifestyle in which to raise our children and have been blessed with good health and a happy family.

As you browse through the photos you will see that we are a close family and enjoy our children and grandchildren. Our family will always come first in our busy lives.

Our oldest daughter is Amber, she is an RN and husband Tim works for UPS. They have two beautiful boys Eli who will start kindergarten this fall of 2012 and Ethan will be starting pre school. Each is cute as can be and Kreg and I enjoy spending time with them.

Adam is our second son, he attended Black Hawk College for Agriculture and has built a substantial cattle herd. He along with is cousin own and run A & J Cattle Co. He also is able to work along his father at Mainview Farm. He and Kreg share much of the planting in the spring along with Harvest in the fall. Adam was recently married July 23, 2011 to his sweetheart of several years Amanda. You know them as A & A Cockers. They have Hunter, Jersey and Willow. Adam and Amanda are blessed with their first child. 12-4-12, a little girl named Rowan. I must say she is just adorable.

Adam's wife Amanda is Dentyal Hygienist and works at the Health Department. Amanda always wanted to work with children in the Dental industry so this has been great for her starting her career.

Aubrey is a senior in High School this fall of 2012. You may have remembered her as she was younger as CC's little helper. She is still my helper but not so much with the crew these days. Aubrey will be taking 4 college classes her senior year and plans to attend Benadictine University in the Chicagoland area. She plans a degree in Medical Sonography. She is looking forward to this.

Our youngest Aleck is a freshman in highschool. Aleck enjoys fishing, 4 wheelin' and showing cattle that A & J Cattle have produced. He is a typical farm boy who likes to get dirty and have a good time. He has his truck all picked out for when he turns 16. Life is good for Aleck.

Being a wife, mother and grandma is a busy time for me. But not so busy that I don't take some time away from the pups and kennel to enjoy my family. As long as I am able to continue to produce my beautiful cockers and also have the important family time I need as a wife, mother and grandma I will continue my path as the Crazy Dog Lady.

Check back often in this section. This is where I will try to share current pictures and events of our family for everyone to enjoy. Just like my dogs and puppies, I love to show off my children and grandchildren!

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