Created 26-Feb-16
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As life goes, we all have good days and bad days. Sometimes when we're lucky we have really super great days!
As I took the girls (Rowan and Vale) over to visit the pups today on our Friday Funday at grandmas I am just over the moon with the picture I captured.
Photos are a huge part of my life, they give me such joy to look at them time and again.
I feel like I was able to capture my little helper Rowan really well today. She is growing up too fast for me. She is caring and loves these pups and has been enjoying sharing them with baby sister Vale.
Kreg came home for lunch and found his girls out in my office and he grabbed my camera and took a couple of me doing what I do best. Sitting on the floor with the pups and kids.
What I do is far from glamorous and can be a bit overwhelming at times but I have to say days like today make everything worth it.
Enjoy my Friday Funday

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