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Hi there Stephanie,
How are you doing? We are just in love with Sharly!!!! She is such a beautiful little puppy! She is so smart too. The potty training was initially a little overwhelming, but that is getting much easier. Sharly came to my house for a visit last weekend and did very well. I have a grumpy beagle (Oscar) so we kept my two beagles in our walk-out basement and we kept Sharly upstairs. They could sniff each other through the cat door. Sharly did very well with my two cats as well. I think Sharly and Oscar will eventually be fine together but we are not going to push it for now. Sharly loves all people and she especially loves little kids. I think she remembered Isabelle! Isabelle keeps telling me that our next dog will be a cocker spaniel:-)
I keep checking your website to see if there are any updated photos of Rudy. Hopefully he and his family made it safely back to AZ! I am anxious to see all the new puppies in the upcoming litters!
Thank you again for everything!

Dear Stephanie,
Well all I can say is that Charlotte is an absolute DOLL! She has stolen all of our hearts already. She was an absolute saint in the car. She took turns riding in all of our laps and napping on her new favorite fleece blanket. She was so calm and loving! You can tell she really comes from a great breeder!!! We also can tell how smart she is already. She hasn't had one accident yet and she had never even been outside before. My dad used the snow blower to make her a potty park outside and she just knows that is where she needs to go potty. She also gives us a little warning by whining and turning a circle and then we know she needs to go out. I am sure at some point she will have an accident but for now she has us all amazed! When she is sleeping we all stand around and stare at her and just take in how beautiful she is:-)
My mom also said that it is a good thing that Rudy did have a home otherwise we would have been heading home with two:-)
I am just so thankful for all that you do! You have absolutely beautiful dogs with great temperaments! We were all amazed that we could just go in and pet the whole crew and they were all so sweet. Even Hollywild who just had a litter of puppies! I will never forget all those sweet little cocker faces peaking at us over the kennels!
Thank you again so much, and I just wanted to let you know how much Charlotte is loved already! She is already our princess!
Kelly and Isabelle
also Dick and Nancy

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