Classy Country Cockers | Bailey (Annie/Lovie)
Created 3-Mar-18
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Thank you for taking my advice and giving Bailey NuVet
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Thank you for the pictures! It was great to meet you too and see all your beautiful puppies and dogs. We had a good but long trip home. It took 14 hours but Bailey slept most of the way with a few breaks to stretch her legs and go potty. She is a sweetheart We are having a good first day with lots of sleeping and going outside every two hours to go potty. She has not had any accidents in the house. She loves playing with all her new toys. She is not to sure about the North Dakota cold air and with a winter snow storm coming it will be interesting to see how she reacts. Jeff will keep snow blowing the back yard to make sure she can get out. We have vet appointment set up for Monday. Thank you again for all you did to provide us with a beautiful and sweet puppy. It was definitely worth the wait!

Lisa and family

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