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1. Initial vet visit: puppy is to receive no shots, flea treatment, heartguard medication
This is just a well puppy check to introduce your puppy to your vet, see the shot given and recommended schedule.
2. I make it very clear I feel it is in my puppy's best interest to NEVER dose the puppy with a flea and tick treatment or heartguard treatment while going through their series of shots. Most of my families understand that this little puppy can only take so much in their system. For those that my not realize this I feel it's my job to make them aware of this.
If you feel the need to use a Flea and Tick treatment.... Please be aware that while they are approved and deemed safe this does not mean that your dog or puppy may have an adverse reaction. No one can know why a puppy or dog does not get along well with a certain type of product. What owners and caregivers can do is make note that the puppy or dog, was ill after the dose of medication. Some cases may be minor, others can be severe. If your puppy or dog does have a reaction please tell your vet and please don't use it again on your puppy or dog.
You have choices that can be made, it is not mandatory to have your pet on flea and tick treatments. If you don't have a problem with fleas and ticks then don't treat for them.
Shots.... I always tell my families " I gave your puppy their first vaccine, if they are going to have an adverse reaction I would prefer them here with me. As I said sometimes bad things happen.
Shots and medications are very serious and should never be taken lightly.
I believe in vaccinations. My dogs are vaccinated yearly and I will continue to do so and I would also suggest you do too. I would however make sure you are only vaccinating for what you need. Anything above and beyond an adult booster shot, rabies vaccine and I would throw in Bordetella (kennel cough) is just that, extra.
This information is given with good intention to my families so that they can help make good decisions when taking home a CC puppy.
My families are told to ask me before administering what seems to be an excessive amount of vaccinations and preventative medications. Thank goodness I have had families that do take my words to heart and ask before they do something that seems excessive.
One thing you all know about me: I am pretty strait forward and expect my families to listen to my advice. At times I can be a little bit stern.... but it is only because I like you have so much invested into what I do and only want the best for everyone
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