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Created 8-Dec-17
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Chelsea gets her NuVet Vitamin every morning

With the aid of my little helper Rowan we have decided this little girl will be named "Chelsea Sparkles". Now for all you who may not be aware of this... Chelsea is "Barbies" little sister, and the sparkle is just a given.
She is a beauty for sure. She's a stinker too. She acts like she doesn't hear, although I know she does. Ahhh the joys of pups!

Chelsea is easy going and is happy to see the kids, Vale has really taken to her and likes to carry her around. Chelsea just goes with the flow.
Beautiful coat, topline and head to die for I am more than pleased with my decision to finally hold something back for me!!
Evalie and ChelseaChelsea Sparkles Frozen Photo fun

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